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19 April 2008

Author : maxime-buechi

In february (…was it february? Something like that.) I took a 3 week trip around Europe. My first actual holidays in 3 years. I traveled by myself with an Interrail ticket. I first went to Berlin to meet the Blut & Eisen family, then to Paris (briefly), London and Barcelona. In Berlin I got very generously sheltered by Hannes and his lovely wife Anne. Unfortunately, it seems I lost the roll on which the photos of them and the shop were, so all I have left concerning Be is my (rather average) architectural shots. Here are the less bad.



It seems I don’t have much for London and Paris but nice memories and random personal shots (nothing to blog about), so here we come to Barcelona. True to itself: beautiful and welcoming. Thank you Kike for the shelter & the LTW/Trimur families for… well the whiskey and vodka! ;)

Naza & the wickedest throat-tattoo ever.

Javi & the alls-seeing eye.

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