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today i met fergus

4 June 2008

Author : maxime-buechi

As I was about to try and blag my way inside Art Unlimited in Basel, Switzerland, from afar, I saw a geezer who looked familiar. Cryptic handmade tattoos, long hair, svelte silhouette. As I took a few steps towards him I realized this probably was Fergus, this mysterious guy I had received a couple of pictures of in for SBII. I had to figure this out. With the nicest smile Fergus confirmed he indeed was… Fergus.
What an amazing and pleasant surprise. Not only does he have one of the most interesting tattoo collection I’ve had the pleasure to see, but he’s the nicest person ever.

Tomorrow, we will meet at the Patty Smith signing then have a little interview for SB III. Clare Hilland will take some portraits of him to go with it. Today was a good day.

(Photos by Clare Hilland)

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