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Uncharted Waters Art Show NYC 2008

7 August 2008

Author : thomas-hooper

The Tattooists of New York Adorned put together a group art show this past Thursday, the 24th of July 2008, it was curated by our visionary leader Lorin Levin, here is a little gallery of some of the images and the press release on the show.

Thomas Hooper

Chris O’Donnell
Kaz Matsumoto
Stephanie Tamez
Bryan Randolph
Thomas Hooper
Virginia Elwood
Dan Santoro
Dana Helmuth
Katja Ramirez

Curated by Lori Leven

The third week of Six Feet Under presents Uncharted Waters with the combined efforts of the world-renowned tattoo artists of New York Adorned. Armed only with the nude bodies of our nation’s youth, the artists of New York Adorned collaborate to transform our apathetic youth into vibrant canvases.

Tattooing is an imperfect art. Every body’s skin holds a different character. It is the incomparably specific topography of each individual’s anatomy that yields an entirely unique product. An ever-changing, ever-meaningful, ever-living canvas, the human skin transcends traditional media. Unlike any other artists, those of New York Adorned are challenged by a canvas that can feel the pain of the artistic process- they have learned to anticipate the outcome of a permanent bodily change.

Confident that New York could support a tattoo shop that created high art for the skin, New York Adorned opened in 1996 when tattooing was still illegal in NYC. Today, Norah Jones, Tyson Beckford, Margaret Cho, Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson are small collection of the numerous celebrities that the shop has adorned. An ever-dynamic location, the East Village offers the perfect location for artists to permanently capture memory, love, emotion and opinion.

Patirck O’Dell will supply larger than life photographed nudes for the installation that will be permanently engraved with small reminders of their fleeting innocence. O’Dell photographs fearless people searching for their place in life and the talismans which will guide them there. The artists of New York Adorned will provide these talismans. The engravings will give strength to the adorned individuals, strength that they will require to proceed protected into uncharted territory.

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