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sang bleu III/IV””some words

21 August 2008

Author : maxime-buechi

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to keep you updated on the progression of SB III/IV.
Basically, it’s almost ready. Most of the series have been produced, most of the articles have been written. The work on the layout has just started.

In order to achieve with SB III/IV what I’ve always wished for and only approached with SB 0 and II, I decided to take a little bit more time and to not compromise on anything. Sang Bleu III/IV will contain 450 pages and will be the same size as SB II. The general structure will be much more integrative for the different components and the design will be pushed much further. Generally, unlike the previous issues, I made sure all the features fit better into the “SB” spirit. SB III/IV will have more text and more copies of it will be printed, which should ensure all the people who couldn’t get 0 and II to get this one.

SB III/IV will go to print in late September and will be available worldwide from November 2008.

I wish to kindly thank all the readers, supporters, contributors and friends who helped making Sang Bleu what it is. I love you. I owe you.
And thank you too to the haters, the retarded who tried to steal the name, the lawyers who tried to rip me off from money I don’t have and generally all the people who doubt me, it makes me work even harder to prove you wrong.

Yours truely.


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