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The Last Laugh

2 September 2008

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Downtown Los Angeles is home to possibly one of the most reclusive tattoo studios known, S.A studios, home to Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol. Yet recently they opened a one of a kind studio for the public eye on Sixth and Los Angeles (Skid Row) named The Last Laugh. S.A studios went into collaboration with Upper Playground to open this unique mixture of clothing store, tattoo studio and pop up space right in the heart of L.A. The Last Laugh work purely through appointment’s only, yet they don’t merely leave it at that. It display’s a selection of Joker Brand clothing, Nike and Van’s shoe’s collaboration’s and other S.A studios goodies. Estevan Oriol has his own shop adjacent to the studio displaying his latest line of clothing and other collectors novelties such as candles, L.A Women calendars and skate decks. Original photo’s are posted on the walls to reflect every t.shirt print, blending the store with a gallery theme.

The combination of art, culture and inking make this shop distinct to any other. If your in the area, it’s well worth a visit..

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