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A Raw Selection

19 November 2008

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Daito Manabe’S Face Visualizer

Electric face stimulation based on music and sounds events.

Lead Encapsulation
This image has been taken by Hugo Campos – I wrote a bit about it here.

body as a living (pain) map; this project leaves traces on your body when you physically enter encrypted and/or private network by walking in the street.

The Galaxy Poncho is an augmented poncho especially made for the 2004 Burning Man festival with a couple of LEDs inside.

Phillips Design examined tattoos, piercing, implants and delivered this simulation of an electric tatoos.

* It’s never easy to contribute to an already well formed blog. I’ve been thinking for quite some time now and after discussing with Maxime about it, here is my attempt to give you a few glimpses of what took my attention lately regarding body and technology. This is a few selected bits from our browsing archive R-Echos, discover more.

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