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Theresa Honeywell

17 January 2009

Author : florence-tetier

“This series of work utilizes a sewing technique that I have created and developed over the past two years. Most of the designs and images are based on vintage tattoo imagery. My designs are made in the similar labor intense way that a tattoo is made, using only a needle to draw with, but instead of ink on skin, my medium is only thread on thread.

Each labor-intensive piece is made completely from thread and takes about two weeks to complete. I build up layers upon layers of sewing thread in a circular, web-like pattern. The result is a realistic image rendered into a lace-like material.

The pieces are floated in glass inside of a shadow box and include bits of vintage fabric, ribbon, and lace collaged into the background.

I use tattoo images for the designs for two reasons. First, for their opposite appeal. I am rendering a typically macho icon into something more delicate and softer by utilizing traditional materials. Second, the use of the needle as a drawing medium is comparable to each other. One technique uses ink on skin, while I use thread on fabric to draw with.”

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