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blog talk part III””purple blog (among others)

28 February 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Has blogging (finally) made it to a trendy thing? Or is it simply its easy and obvious (and cheap) form that eventually imposed itself as a potential and dignified communication means for opinion leaders in these times of financial uncertainty? Three blogs worth checking: Hedi Slimane’s, formerly known as Work In Progress””Petronio Associates, the editors of Self Service and a brand new one: Purple Diary, by Olivier Zahm

Hedi’s page is an “incontournable” and has been around for a while. But unfortunately doen’t fully play the game of blogging (no RSS, no comments). It is entitled “diary”. Fair enough, Hedi maybe has other (better?) things to do than blogging. Pertonio’s page is interesting. Business-orientated and not very regularly updated. Too bad it’d have been an interesting thing to be able to really follow the “work in progress”. On a personal note, I think a bit unfair that PA never gets credited when pple speak about the new (and highly successful) YSL campaign. It might be my graphic designer mind but I can tell there is a lot of them in it as well… Anyway… To come to the last: Purple Diary, it’s more of the same, but obviously, one never gets bored of scrutinizing the Parisian hall of fame with its curly (rarefied) hair and it’s unsteady stillettos…

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