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SANG BLEU’s upcoming launch at HARD HAT !

10 March 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat


HARD HAT will be hosting the official launch of Sang Bleu 3&4 in Geneva

on March, 19th from 6 to 10pm, at the occasion of La Nuit des Bains,

together with an exhibition featuring works by Marta Riniker-Radich !

HARD HAT is a non-profit organization founded in Geneva in 2004 by John Armleder, Lionel Bovier, Christophe Cherix, Balthazar Lovay, Jorge Perez and Fabrice Stroun. The aims of this organization are to pursue the programme of multiples which was initiated in 1997 by JRP Editions Genève (now dissolved); to put back into circulation publications edited and distributed by the Ecart bookshop (1973-1982); to serve as a base for the musical activities of Villa Magica Records and to organize various contemporary art events.

Sang Bleu 3&4 will inhabit their office for the next few months… being of course for sale.

Check Hard Hat’s website!

The exhibition is held in conjunction with an other special secret event coproduced by Sang Bleu and Hard Hat, but since it is secret, we won’t give you any further information about it. Sorry.

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