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21 April 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

I have seen many collections, some beautiful, some ugly. Not even is this one beautiful but, it is largely one of the most impressive as far as is concerned the impact on the body and the visual impression that it provides as a whole. Tyson says he has more than 80 artists on his body. I can believe this. I took as many pictures I could until my eyes rolled back and my head started spinning from this psychedelic rave. Tyson kindly accepted to write all the artists who appear in my pix. Appreciated.

Tyson currently works in Sweden in Theo Jack’s studio: Infamous Tattoo Studio.

and the credits (I leave the personal notes of Tyson cause they’re funny.):

””wolf by chad kopelinger
””hangman by duncan x into you tattoo
””bird skull mixup by roger seliner atlas tattoo
””nurse by jerry ware atlas tattoo
””single needle shaking hands by oliver peck elm st. tattoo dallas (only single needle, filling as well!)
””tiger neck by tim lehi blackheart tattoo sf
””throat and dagger by scott sylvia
””babyhead with batwings by dan gilsdorf atlas tattoo portland oregon
””black squiggles by thomas hooper & roy orbison
””text with nautical stars by adam dutton from england.
””left side of my neck…snake by theo jak infamous studio.
””hanya by my ear by charlie oldbones tattoo malmö sweden
””hand tattoos: reaper and devil by tim lehi, text by brady duncan, blackwork on fingers by thomas hooper nyadorned.
””palms by scott harrison atlas tattoo portland oregon
””foot tattoos: usa arm with clovers by scott harrison
””skull on foot by jef whitehead
””infamous text by theo jak
””weird ones by scott harrison
””pound sign by duncan x
””foot devil by jef whitehead
””climbing frog by scott harrison
””book face & naked guy with skeleton by scott harrison
””knee tattoo by max @ stockholm classic tattoo
””panther with rose by scott harrison
””lighthouse by jerry ware
””skeleton hand by duncan x
””bowling pin eagle by terry tweed deluxe tattoo portland oregon
””skeleton hand with tank by duncan x
””black and blue thigh tattoo by jason mcafee temple tattoo
””armpit by chad koeplinger
””rose with house by cheyenne sawyer oddball studios portland oregon.
””scabbing black tattoos by duncan x into-you
””69ing couple by scott harrison
””scott harrison did all the weird ones
””dragon by alex reinke the others by scott harrison.
””naked girl by rana almiron infamous studio stockholm
””right foot: jef whitehead skull, s.harrison tattoos
””infamous text by theo made on my 1 year anniversary of working in stockholm.
””egghead by scott harrison
””black swirl by thomas hooper.
””jawbone with eye by scott harrison
””healing black ones by duncan x.
””scott harrison foot and ankles & jerry ware shin skull with lighthouse
””flesh spirit by duncan x
””wizard by marco hernandez olympia washington
””black cat head by scott harrison
(i have more scott harrison tattoos than anyone else )…i think 22 or 21.
””’nostalgia forever’ text from atlanta georgia…i think his name is chris howell.
””gypsy by lewis hess atlas tattoo portland oregon.
””running dude with the fox jacket by scott harrison.
””panther rose in yellow by uncle allan (my worst healing tattoo of all of hurt for 6 weeks and could barely walk.)
””cheyenne sawyer at oddball did the red rose with the house…
””bug on my arm by rana almiron infamous studio stockholm
””’svake mennske’ viking by marius meyer olso norway.
””skull rose by henning jorgensen royal tattoo denmark
””ghost below it by nille from salvation tattoo stockholm.
””crow with skull and roses by scott sylvia blackheart tattoo sf. egghead guy by scott harrison.
””’fox in the hen house’ by scott harrison.
””the bird with the dagger by a south african named peter, he worked at angelic hell in brighton & london
””yellow rose by uncle allan
””left shoulder and chest…fuck its like 20 people:
””tribals by thomas hooper
””eagle and dagger by s.sylvia
””snake by theo jak. babyhead by dan gilsdorf
””text and star by adam dutton
””lillie by jerry ware
””diamond by vinse from liberty tattoo seattle
””clouds by scott sylvia
””bird by jennifer billig atlas tattoo.
””girlheads on the stomach by tim lehi
””the girlhead with the skull is by tim lehi redrawn from a mike malone design
””backpiece by jerry ware atlas tattoo portland oregon 33 hours.
””devil neck by scott sylvia.

the coverup on my upper back said ‘passionate’ with 2 birds..i think that getting unmanly text is really uncool & i pretty much regret all the text i have tattooed on myself.

””skull with rats by theo jak…
””chestpiece by jerry ware portland oregon atlas tattoo
””black swirls by thomas hooper.
””babyhead dan gilsdorf.
””eagle on the throat by scott sylvia he made it at the stockholm tattoo convention.
””umbrella by vinse from liberty tattoo seattle
””little ones by oliver peck
””orange rose with ‘mom’ and pink lillies by jerry ware atlas tattoo
””little black ones by thomas hooper he made those in milan convention
””dagger in the neck by scott sylvia.

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