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thank you’s

27 April 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

we just came back from hyères.
before starting to blog about it, we wish to kindly thank:

Kris Van Assche (for masterminding all this)
Joerg Koch (for carrying sang bleu III/IV all night!)
Mauricio Nardi (for the crip-walk & soft talk)
Adrien Pelletier & David :)
Thibault (what’s up QS?)
Jean-Pierre Baux (for making up for my organizational chaos!)
Jean-Pierre Blanc (for handling the whole Villa craze)
Virginie de Rincquesen (for the support)
Barbara Poll (firmest female handshake)
Mathias Ohrel (the omniscient)
Angelo Cirimele (all-seeing eye)
Diane Pernet (for… being)
Audrey Gorrigan (for the shoulder rubbing)
Erik Haberfeld (carrément!)
Jamie Thomas (cat walk with us)
Kelly Miller (style-sight-ing)
Rob Meerman (fellow type-geek)
Cyril de Dior (for the recurrent laughs!)
Cyril Caron (for the careful driving)
Gert Jonkers (most stylish judge)
Clément Corraze (for re-introducing the pastel)
Ami (for dancing like a…) Sioux ;)
Marc Joseph Berg (impressive bilingual)
and everybody else who attended at the festival.

For the amazing vibes, and making this weekend a delightful experience.

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