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the black heart””Ada Bligaard Soby

8 May 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

One day I received a mysterious package with nothing inside but a CD with “the black heart” hand-written on it and a little note saying that it had been sent upon recommendation of Diane Pernet, and the signature of the writer: Ada Bligaard Soby. I watched the movie and was completely captivated. It was a mixture of things that made it captivating, from the anachronistic grain of the images to the abstract narration, all this adding to the unusual context.
I owe this event to Diane, I wish to thank Her. And thank you Ada for providing the world with more dark beauty.

Ada Bligaard Soby left her native Denmark a month after her 20th birthday to study filmmaking at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She got a French boyfriend and was inspired to photograph him all of the time while shooting random Super 8 films of her life. The first film that she shot and edited was a piece on Black Heart’s subject, Marina, and her wedding in the Hamptons.

Around two years ago Ada discovered that everyone she knew in NYC was getting a divorce. It made her sad and she decided to make a film about what happens when you get a divorce. The background: Marina and Ada worked together as waitresses at Pravda where Marina’s future husband worked as well. As a wedding present Ada gave them a film of their wedding. Ada was 21 at the time. The film was made between 2007-08, Ada went to NYC to shoot and back to Denmark to edit with a very young and inexperienced but devoted editor who turned out to be a true master. The film was made while Ada was finishing a three-year program at the underground Copenhagen based film collective called Super 16. The result: “An investigation of what happens when love fails. When you loose something, yet learn from it.” Said Ada.


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