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Beat My Guest

4 June 2009

Author : adrian-wilson

I hope most people will agree that Adam and the Ants were much better before they started to dress as pirates. He looked great as were the songs. Lady, Whip in My Valise, Deutscher Girls and so on. Here’s a version of Beat My Guest should you need it. And I found someone who makes replica badges too.

>>>>Beat My Guest by Adam and the Ants<<<<

Well tie me up and hit me with a stick
Beat me beat me
Use a truncheon or a household brick
Beat me beat me
I'm black and blue baby
I love you
Be your dog
For just one flog
You don't hear me plead
For you to make me bleed
Beat me beat me
There's so much happiness behind my tears
Beat me beat me
I pray you'll beat me
For ten thousand years
Beat me beat me
Well use a truncheon or a cricket bat
Beat me beat me
A good beatings really where its at
Beat me beat me


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