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Mr. Death Boogie

2 July 2009

Author : adrian-wilson

Despite the demeanor of a drummer with 8 hours off in a liberal foreign town, Jan Schjetne is one industrious dude. Co-founder of Phiary, Porn&Beauty blogger, & committed lover are just a few of the roles that keep this man out of more trouble than he already inherits.

‘I’m not afraid to admit that the base for this tattoo is quite influenced by a tattoo design I saw in a book about Russian prison tattoos. A bit of a risky admission, as my tattoo artist friend made sure to inform me that undeserved Russian prison tattoos can result in a death sentence in certain environments. But I changed it around and made it my own. The “Death Boogie” is a philosophy I’ve lived by for years. Without getting too much into it I’ll say that it reminds me that life is fragile and I should make the best of it while I can’.

Tattoo artist: BjŸrn Egil Ragnarsen, Lillehammer, Norway

The colossal print below featuring 100s of images from his online diary is part of the Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For? show next week.

His friend Danielle will be back here by herself very soon..

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