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Vanderbeek by Delépine

3 July 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Article by SB contributor and globe-trotting friend Clément Delépine

From The Box gallery in Los Angeles to the Whitney Museum in New York, which both hosted exhibitions related to the work of filmmaker Stan Vanderbeek (1927-1984), it seems that the Spring 2009 aspired to question the birth of experimental video.

Made up with series of drawings and collages, Vanderbeek’s films took him into a much-heralded new creative dimension, and legitimately became a source of inspiration for directors like Terry Gilliam. Practically entirely handmade (which is fairly impressive for those who like me are the clumsiness incarnate) truly mesmerizing and a bit melancolic, Vanderbeek’s visionary works challenged the very idea of filmmaking and production. His countless collaborations (notably with the artist Claes Oldenburg or the choreographer Merce Cunningham) command respect. Touched by grace, he initiated a turning point in the history of visual arts as he was also among the firsts to team up with engineers in order to produce computer-generated images.

As an artist, Vanderbeek was persuaded that his function was to invent a universal language as “It is imperative that we quickly find some way for the entire level of world human understanding to rise to a new human scale. The scale is the world”.




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