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Alistair Carr – Nothing is Permanent except my tattoos

17 July 2009

Author : diane-pernet

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Alistair Carr _

Alistair Carr

The other day I went to visit Alistair Carr to interview him for chapter 2 of my documentary on Mr. Pearl. Alistair had so many great stories to tell about working for Mr. Pearl but while we were talking I could not help but notice all of his tattoos. Alistair works 24/7 for Balenciaga but on the few days off that he gets in a year, he takes the train back to Brighton and he gets another tattoo. He wants to cover his entire body, leaving space where a jacket would be open to let the soul out. He got his first tattoo at the age of 14 and managed to hide it from his mother for a good 4 months by wearing sweaters in the summer. Finally she told him he doesn’t have to hide it anymore because she knew it was there. His first tattoo was a bit of a mistake, now that he thinks about it, he just picked a design off the wall, did not watch while it was being made and afterwards was a bit shocked by the green outline , now he prefers to work with artists that make tattoos especially for him. He is quite random about his choices. Some tattoos have meaning , others don’t. When asked why he wants to be covered in tattoos he said that nothing in his life is permanent except for his tattoos. Diane

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