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Hits Of Sunshine

11 August 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat



Today I said goodbye to my conflicted goddess
Her lush eyes show surprise
At how we could gather knowledge
The painting has a dream
Where shadow breaks the scene
And the colors run off
Blue is bashful, green is my goal
Yellow girls are running backward
Until the next time, with six hits of sunshine
The lights will blind us with blues in haiku
The shadow has a dream
Where painters look to sea
And colors burn out
Now I know where I once saw you
Stepping into muddy water
John’s reflection decried perfection
Now you walk him through the garden
Waiting in the wings
Painters shade their dreams
With falling colors
See me wave goodbye forever
Happiness the goddess lover
Hurry back remember last time
The hits of sunshine, the hits of goldmine
I’ll see you back tonight
Where painters love the light
And yellow shadow girls
Today I say goodbye to my complicious goddess
Her hushed eyes show surprise
At how we captured knowledge
I’ll see you back tonight
Where shadows dream of light
Let’s slip on outside
Sonic Youth – Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) appears on the album A Thousand Leaves.

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