Currently reading : Sean Risley modelling for Alexander McQueen

Sean Risley modelling for Alexander McQueen

30 August 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

I haven’t got my hands on the new issue of Purple yet (life in switzerland…) but I already know something about it.

Hey Sang Bleu-

Love the magazine. This is new ad that appears for Alexander McQueen / McQ in a few mags this month, notably ‘Purple’

It’s the Fall / Winter 2009/10 – Vol. III, Issue 12

There is also an interview 1/2 way through with Aurel Schmidt regarding her snake tattoo in the body of the magazine.

Sean Risley

(The lucky ones in posession of a copy of SB0 will certainly remember seeing Sean on some of Jeffrey KIlmer’s beautiful photos.)

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