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twisted bodies””Sihle Ntuli””Rasha””Youngkyo Yoo

10 September 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

T”s Breeze by Sihle Ntuli

Material around me,
All around me,
The upper me,
Up to neck,
Pulling it over my shoulder to accompany a vest,
Then i freeze,
Cool sensations have me sneeze,
Massaging my collar bone to rest calm,
Sensations penetrates through a vest to a chest,
A calm cool breeze,
A favourite shirt breeze,
Cold black T on the front printed “Kickin Ass” for all to see,
My T gives me a cool breeze cause i give warning in this morning,
Of what could be done if i pleased no bothering a quiet storm please,
Heat wave sunbeams,
Air con T by now the calm runnin all over me still the upper me ,
Only the printed words get exhausted,
Exhaustion written on the foreheads of those who see me and omit smokescreens,
My T’s has me laugh chesty laughs that freezes smoke with cool breeze
Thats the story of the T Breeze of an Ice T

Photography by Rasha


Photography by Youngkyo Yoo


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