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diane, rick, erwin and christina

9 October 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Yesterday night, I attended to the award ceremony of Diane Pernet’s ASOFF. On that occasion, I had the pleasure to bump into Miguel Villalobos, whom I had met in NY last winter, and whose world had impressed me by its sophistication and subtlety. He also is the designer of the ASVOFF trophy. He paused for me alongside Andrea Splisgar, a very interesting video artist, and a tall young man.

Watching all these productions was an interesting experience. You never see movies side by side like pictures in a series or series in a magazine. As results of very varied briefs and contexts, such a collection of cinematic objects might seem artificial, but it actually looked pretty strong and coherent as a whole. Now, considering the movies or videos as isolated objects, these two reflections occurred to me:
1””moving images””film, video””are as, if not more relevant to show fashion as photographic image
2””the artistic potential of those media in the field of fashion has yet to be reached…

The official palmarès is:

Reflection section – Steven Klein “Fiction Noir”

Communication Section – Ruth Hogben for Gareth Pugh “Gareth Pugh AW09”

Communication Section – Johan Renck for H & M – Mattew Williamson

Samsung Grand Prize – Georgie Greville for “I wanna be your dog”

Public Prize – Mattias Montero for “Herr Rodebjer

Daily Motion Prize – Jason Bradbury & Claire Kurylowski for AW 2509BC for Harald Lunde Helgesen

Some off-competition films were also shown among those the beautiful Erwin Olaf’s beautiful “Dusk”, and a very funny interview of Moloko’s singer (can’t recall her name). I love the irish accent!

Thank you Diane for initiating such an interesting project. I am looking forward to seeing it grow and bloom!





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