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Ross Tanner

14 October 2009

Author : adrian-wilson

First ones were these 2 stars. I was 16, 17 yrs old. A friend of mine died. They’re his initials
They’re by Thomas Hooper. We used to ride bmx together. I’d go round his house when he was living with his mother in Bexhill. It was when he started in his front room. He was living in Bromley.

Then I got addicted to tattoos so I ended up getting a few more.

I did my ankles myself. This was done with a gun and all these just hand push with a needle.
I’m gonna get my legs done. Liam’s gonna do them.

aw20090823_ross_tanner_17 copy

Ross Tanner by Thomas Hooper, Liam Sparkes, Jay Fish, Tota and James at Happy Sailor, Andrew May & Nicole.

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