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sang bleu in libération””erratum

18 October 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Just read the nice text that Astrid Girardeau wrote about me/Sang Bleu for the french newspaper Libération (the issue that came out yesterday). First I want to thank Astrid for the amazing opportunity. Very honoured!

Still, and I know it might sound ridiculous, but one little thing bugs me and I thought I’d publish here a little erratum: It is said that I discovered the american sub cultures in the late 90’s, in the poor areas of Lausanne… Obviously, it is the late 80’s, not 90’s… and I grew up on the countryside, in a village called Cheseaux (google, it, just for the laugh), in a working-class area, but nothing like a ghetto (rue de la Mèbre, if you wanna know). And last thing, I was never involved in the Punk culture, although I had punk friends.


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