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19 October 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

October the 3rd, 2009

the 12mail website
and all the pictures of the opening H E R E

set up by Maxime Buechi, Jeanne Salomé Rochat, Sibylle Stoeckli
furniture concept by Sibylle Stoeckli
paintings by Fuzi UV TPK

download the compilation “finally winter again”:

The blank page and the unmarked skin are embryos of possibility – pre-utopian surfaces that offer possibility in pure, touchable form. The two surfaces collide in Sang Bleu’s “Reading Room”, an exhibition mapping the idiosyncratic influences that shape the magazine. Culling 100 books and magazines that have been crucial to the Sang Bleu project, then modifying their first 100 pages with a photocopier, Sang Bleu conjures a material territory between text, image, and flesh – Trasher, Histoire d’O, The Shape of Time, Monkey Subdues the White-bone Demon, L’oiseau de l’arbre à pluie, Erotica and 94 other titles all informing its tactile universe.

What Sang Bleu presents is not a collection of consumable images or ready-made tattoos, but possibilities in filling out blank space. It’s an inversion of Via Negativa – a Via Positiva, in which signs and meanings transcend the graphic and the decorative, offering instead POTENTIALS.

””Joerg Koch

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