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19 October 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

On Saturday, I was invited to the opening of a new concept store called RA13, in Antwerpen. From Saturday morning when I arrived to Sunday night when I left, I can say that a lot happened, and it is a euphemism. Hold your breath… Jean l’Olivier (of A-Magazine, my king guide) told me about literally every building in the city. The sewer too. We went to every single clothing shop too (i was looking for an item I didn’t find.) We had a great dinner made of various fish. We went to the opening where I found some old and some new friends, among others: Charles Anastase, Michael O’Brien, Hannah Marshall, Xavier Verdon, and obviously, Dan””Jean’s impressively efficient & hyperactive apprentice to whom I owe the invitation. There we also got together with Karim The Entertainer. Then we went to get some alcohol for the party. Went to the party. Got drunk beyond reason. Left the party. Toured around the city. Went to a random disco. Went back to the hotel, hardly able to walk, and not able to talk at all.

All this in such an amazing bright and warm sunlight. (Check the pix)

On the sunday, I got waken up at 1pm by the cleaning team “Check out at 1 sir”, “yes yes, ok, 2 minutes please!”. Caught up with Jean, went to RA where all the guests were having lunch. Had an amazing lunch till 5pm, ran to the station, almost missed the train.

More pictures on Diane Pernet’s blog too

Going down to the tunnel that crosses the river

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