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PSG (paris skinhead glory)

25 October 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

As I was looking for my way along the obscure shores of the Seine, I bumped into a pretty heterogeneous group of punks and (red)skins and dogs who seemed as lost as me. The way I was looking for was that of the “Peniche Alternat” where a little festival was taking place. As I arrived, the band I was hoping to watch performing””Hard Times””had already started and their singer Philippe AKA Avichai””his david cross fircly swinging around his neck””was already “singing” and jumping on and off the stage. I very quickly got into the mood and I must say that the show was amazing! The sound was surprisingly good, which made the lyrics discernible. Very happy experience, and cultural travel for the curious minded. By the way, Philippe had told me that he moved too fast to be photographed. Now I know he wasn’t joking!

Hard Times will be in SB5, photographed by Julien Lachaussée & interviewed by me.


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