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SACRIFICE by Ariana Reines

29 October 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Animal sacrifice has nothing to do with the Holocaust. The Holocaust was not a sacrifice. It is disgusting and obscene to say that the Holocaust was a sacrifice. A sacrifice is a devotional thing. The golden calf, the red heifer, Ferdinand the Bull, the sacred cow, these things are important. What meat is supposed to stand for, ipso facto, is important. Does meat ever just stand for itself? Is a cigar ever a cigar?

I do not eat meat.

The only people who talk about sacrifice are assholes. The government talks about sacrifice, and about the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrifice has to have PURPOSE. Sacrifice has sacred utility. The Holocaust had no purpose. Dying for a cause can have purpose. But most of the time when the state speaks of sacrifice the state means THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EAT YOU.

Text by Ariana Reines
Images by Anders Petersen

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