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4 November 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Another visual off Andrea Splisgar’s performance work.
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Andrea Splisgars artistic training led it on completion of the art study from Berlin to London and finally to Rome, where she finished a play training to fulfil the circle of an artistic experience. She worked for independent theatre and dance theatre groups and different film-productions, so as Federico Fellini’s Ginger and Fred.

Next to the activity as an actress, the emphasis of her work focused also on the conception of setting, multimedia installations, costumes (among these an international award winning collection of fiction-couture sponsored by Camera Nationale della Moda in Rome) and photography. She collaborated among others with musical director Jonathan Moore (U2), art director & choreographer Eugenio Poliakoff at the Florence and Paris opera house, film director Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso), as well as productions for Valentino Couture and the Deutsche Bank.

In 2003 she created a seasonal changing environment within the new Milan SPA of Gianfrancoferré.

From 1991 till 1997 she carried along with artist Luigi Simeoli a creative Factory called ‘Il Palazzo’ on the hills around Florence, a place where artists from all over the world joined each other for a certain period, collaborating on multimedia projects.

Since time Splisgar co-operates creatively with Italian experimental director Fabio Bianchini, their latest production ‘Les chants de Maldoror’ has been shown on different international festivals.

In addition, Splisgar produces her own video & solo performances. The tales, figures and creatures developed by her are embossed from the traditions of fantastic film and surrealistic literature. The intense quarrel with the different states of physical and psychological identities and metamorphoses transmits Splisgar into visionary dream pictures that move her characters into material and psychological states of emergency. In this case, the interlocking from sound and picture plays an exceptional role.

Since in 2000 Andrea Splisgar lives and works mainly in Berlin and Montenero.

In 2005 she created the label DER MONDÄNE TIGER, under which pseudonym she develops various art projects and cooperation’s. First creation is a new form of musical storytelling in collaboration with Berlin musician Lord Litter, based on André Breton’s novel ‘Anthology of black humour’, launched on CD in the beginning of 2006.

Under the theme ‘A laughter in the dark’ she’s developing actually short films, performances and photography’s.


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