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The Constitution of the Republic of Chaos””3 first articles

6 November 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Today I met up with Marky for an interview. For 20 years he has been a prominent and proactive member of the underground scene of Lyon. More recemtly, he became personal friend and collaborator of the infamous Thierry Ehrmann, the genius progenitor fo the “Abode of Chaos” aka “la Demeure du Chaos”. Read Mark’y interview & find out more in the upcoming issue of Sang Bleu! and now, enough said, start the tour!

09 /09 /09


The citizens of the Republic of Chaos do hereby solemnly proclaim their commitment to the human rights and to the universal principles enounced in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in France in 1789.

By virtue of these principles and the principle of peoples’ self-determination, the Republic of Chaos offers all the citizens of the world, in the universal sense, in all its known or as yet unknown dimensions without any dimensional, geographical or temporal limits, new institutions founded on the common ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity, and conceived with a view to their democratic evolution in the analog and/or digital world, the latter being Cyberspace, which is principally represented by Internet.

In 2009, Nation-States are confronted with globalisation and its consequences.

The processes underlying the gradual erosion of the political prerogatives of States, particularly in Europe, the reduced importance of geography, of territories, of frontiers and of geo-political boundaries in a world of constantly increasing volumes of financial, commercial and informational exchanges (essentially via Internet) are rendering physical boundaries almost meaningless and are engendering the emergence of a global village (alluded to by the sociologist Marshall MacLuhan) that is forcing the citizens of the world to rethink the concept of the Nation-State for the 21st century.

In 2009, information technology allows the instantaneous transmission of data and is creating a kind of universal ubiquity. The extreme mobility of capital and the de-materialisation of the financial system plus the globalisation of the economy and the progressive removal of trade barriers – factors underlying the current global financial and economic crisis – have prompted numerous political commentators and historians to warn that the Nation-State as we know it is in “inexorable decline.

The significance of physical space and geography is being eroded and has in many respects almost completely disappeared.

In order to adapt to the geo-political mutations induced by the IT revolution and globalisation, the post-modern State must stop defining itself in terms of territory and sovereign authority. These are outdated concepts associated with the Westphalian order based on the principle of the absolute sovereignty of States over their national territories.

It is in these terms that the citizens of the Republic of Chaos have jointly decided to affirm their peaceful intent to promote their project for the future, based on a common past and a common present, by the establishment, in full accordance and harmony with the rules and regulations of the European Union, of the Republic of Chaos, whose Constitution is as follows:

Article 1.

The Republic of Chaos is a multiple, democratic and social republic. It shall ensure the equal treatment of all its citizens before the law without any form of distinction based on origin, information system, race, ethnicity, gender or religion. It shall respect all beliefs. Its organisation is by nature decentralised and its jurisdiction shall cover both the “analog territory” defined by the Abode of Chaos, and the digital territory in Cyberspace.

Acquisition of Republic of Chaos nationality shall have no impact on the original nationality of its citizens. In addition, the citizens of the Republic of Chaos shall have every right to acquire, independently of their Republic of Chaos nationality, any new nationality(ies) they may wish to obtain.

The law of the Republic of Chaos abolishes the distinction between men and women and recognises as a citizen any biological or digital entity capable of thinking and desiring. Cyborgs shall be freely admitted as citizens in the Republic of Chaos.

Androids with a capacity for outreaching their programmes, for expressing desires, for recognising the memory of a common past consisting of events, deeds and memorable works and for regularly reaffirming the will to live together with a memory and the desire to live a common future shall be recognised as full citizens of the Republic of Chaos.

All citizens having reached the age of majority shall be entitled to participate in elections, electoral functions and in the professional and social responsibilities of the Republic of Chaos.

Chapter I – Sovereignty

Article 2.

The Republic of Chaos shall use French as its official language, with Spanish, English, German and Latin recognised as admissible secondary languages.

French shall be the principle language of the Republic of Chaos.

The national emblem of the Republic of Chaos shall be the black and white Jolly Roger flag in reference to the mythical Republic of Libertalia that resisted the despotism which reigned at the beginning of the 17th century.

The Republic’s motto shall be Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Humanness.

Its guiding principle is: government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Article 3.

The national sovereignty of the Republic of Chaos belongs to its people who shall exercise this sovereignty through the Republic’s representatives and via analog and/or digital referendums. No individual, group or segment of the population may exercise this sovereignty on behalf of the people without the people’s democratic consent. Universal suffrage may be direct or indirect under the conditions provided for by the Constitution. In all cases, elections, referendums and votes shall be universal (all citizens), equal (all votes shall have the same value) and confidential (secret ballot).

All citizens of the Republic of Chaos shall be authorised to vote, under the conditions provided for by the law, including notably all mentally and/or physically handicapped citizens. No person or group may block any citizen of the Republic of Chaos with a mental or physical handicap, whether congenital or due to an accident or illness, from exercising his/her right to vote.

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