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A chat with Woodkid about his tattoos

9 November 2009

Author : diane-pernet

Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine

I’ve been quite intrigued by the tattoos of my friend Yoann Lemoine. “I was totally doing something against my parents I was 24. I knew that it was something irreversable and undoable .It is really powerful and links you to death because the moment that you do it it is the only action that you can do that is still going to be with you when you die. I am going to be in a casket and I’ll have this on. It is pretty intense to do it. ” said Yoann Lemoine.

“It was not pain related the first time that I did it because I had never had tattoos before so I did not see it as something sadistic that once you made one you would want to do it again. I think that is why people that get tattoos always get more.” said Yoann.

“When I got these two tattoos it was to have a meeting with the tattoo artist to talk about my project of the keys but it was a special day, 7 07, my fetish number, so while I was there I said this is not a meeting let’sdo it. It is a great tattoo artist that did it in NYC. I did it in this place called adorned.


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