Currently reading : “I over-indulge.” says Allison Schulnik to Ryan Christian

“I over-indulge.” says Allison Schulnik to Ryan Christian

10 November 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Allison Schulnik’s work (which I only got the chance to see on the internet)(and right after Berlin’s 20th Mauerfall anniversary night) is about not believing in the separation between worlds. In other words, my approach of it might be a little influenced by the context I currently live in (but only a little).

If we consider that painting is all about the tension between image and material, I’d say that Schulnik wants to use it as a trap between the purely imaginary and the purely physical (even though, again, I’ve never seen it for real). The question would be, then: Where do we make those distinctions?
I will not try any answer today, but however, the space that truly interests me here is the simultaneous layering of many points of view. This morning (morning?), Schulnik confirms that, on a larger scale, hierarchies are always revealed to be subjective. In this way of thinking, both societies and dreams exist in the same space, which is ultimately nature and beautiful.

Besides, his paintings are totally flirting with psychic injury and trauma, aka the site of brutal contact between the fantasy and the real… the interruption of the dream.

And now I will go back to it for a while.

Thank you Thomas Koenig for introducing me to Schulnik!

Also… Check out Allison Schulnik’s interview by Ryan Christian for fecal face dot com!

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