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formerly known as formerly known as white bread

18 November 2009

Author : maxime-buechi

Molly Nilsson whose stage name once was “Formerly known as white bread” (thank you for changing it!) is an interesting artist. For some reasons, she manages to remain relatively discrete despite being one truly gifted singer/composer. Her sound””while quoting the same over-recycled-almost-pillaged 80’s new-wavy style that any wannabe or confirmed “cool” musician have been referring to for over 7 years””remains perfectly personal and contemporary while most of the aforementioned pillager fall into bland copy or worse a false second degree.

I recently found this video posted on the myspace page of Sang Bleu. Additionally to being a great song, I thought that the video played with the exact same almost-tacky references that her music plays with, but on a visual level, achieving an impressively strong result. Through the subtle maestria of popular codes, MN appeals to something universal in us, like a peaceful hike at the contact point of childhood memories and an adult present.

(Hey sorry to be adding this, but for those who know Booba’s song “Pourvu qu’elles m’aiment”, don’t you think the melody vaguely resembles it?!)

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