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Words Of Love Broadcast In Code

14 December 2009

Author : adrian-wilson

‘Number Stations’ broadcast coded messages to secret agents. They are very, very creepy, as the example above (which will be familiar to Stereolab fans) ‘The Swedish Rhapsody’ shows. The Cubans, Americans, Russians, Polish, Hungarians, English, Germans. We are all at it, sending creepy coded messages around the world. And there is absolutely no way that you can decode a message unless you are the recipient who holds the ‘one time pad’ key, a translation of the numbers which is valid only for specific broadcasts on specific days, probably hidden in a spy watch or a hollowed out spy book.

I read up on them and listened to any recordings that I could find. They fascinated me. They started to trouble me a bit. They’re pretty troublesome – creepy disembodied voices, sometimes gongs or chimes that sound as though they are played from tape loops that have stretched over time, we don’t know exactly where they come from and we don’t know exactly where they are going to. I found them troublesome until I discovered, in an interview with an ex KGB officer, that the vast majority of the messages are, in fact, personal messages from family and loved ones to the spy in hiding. This new bit of knowledge made a whole lot of difference, the broadcasts lost some of their creepiness, and I wrote a song about them to celebrate.

text by Graeme Wilson


Words of Love Broadcast In Code is The Projects latest long player.

Ladytron’s Mira Aroyo guests with vocals on 4 of the songs. One being Planets.

You can hear a few more tracks & help make it the Christmas number one at

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