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Melodies & Rocks / Copyright @ Karma International, Zürich

18 December 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Melodies & Rocks / Copyright

14. 11. 2009 – 16. 1. 2010 @ Karma International

David Hominal & Dieter Roth
Dawn Mellor & Lucy Pawlak
Tobias Madison & Emanuel Rossetti & Ettore Sottsass & Möbius
Martin Soto Climent & Meret Oppenheim

When Walter Benjamin questioned the aura of the artwork in his famous essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” he launched a discourse that in the years to come has grown even more acute. There has been a shift of perspective not only concerning the production of art but also concerning the question of authorship. Today a young generation of artists addresses this question very consciously, blurring the boundaries between their own ideas and influences from their peers.

Melodies & Rocks / Copyright is using this theme by addressing the issue of authorship and originality within art in relation to the process of creating and being influenced by others. This question involves a positive and a negative form of intercommunion at the same time. The show displays four different approaches towards the issue: London-based Dawn Mellor (*1970) and Lucy Pawlak (*1980) both work in strong narrational structures creating unique universes circling around specific topics. For the show at Karma International Mellor, who used to be Pawlak’s tutor at the Royal College of Art, took up the challenge of working with Pawlak’s main topic: an invented family that revolves around the patriarch character of the ”žBearded Man“. As a response Mellor created a female character: Ingrid Thulin, the separatist sister of the “Bearded Man” who refuses to obey her brother’s power and chooses to destroy herself rather than living with her family. The installation with Pawlak’s dark and uncanny family tree and Mellor’s self-destructive portraits visualizes the dialogue between the two artistic practices.

Text by Karma International

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