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Gesellschaftsspiel in Berlin

20 December 2009

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

The play has a strong opening: a crash, followed by swearing, insult and scorn. He and she have come home after a long evening at a party and, although it is three A.M. and neither is entirely sober, it is not unreasonable to take their apparently random German conversation as being indicative of their typical attitudes towards life and each other. She, like the heroine of the movie she probably talks about, is “discontent.” She dislikes her house, she is dissatisfied with her husband’s sedentary ways and generally passive orientation toward life.
He never does anything (although it is not yet clear what, exactly, doing would entail). However, he is wearing Lanvin’s “Graffiti Necklace”.

That image got stuck on my mind.


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