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bombers, for instance

16 January 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

I am fascinated with popular or generally functional clothing much more than the fancy, elite one. It is the Uniform vs Couture. Probably one of the reasons for my appeal to the “british fashion”, much more popular, style-orientated, as opposed to the “french fashion”, full of codes and a history few people have access to.

Among others, i have always had a love/hate relation to bombers. Around here, they are very generally perceived as linked to extreme right-wing subcultures, while in america, they are simply a widespread popular garment. No need to say that the stylistic projections I abstractly make on such an item while watching The Wire find themselves severely jeopardized when confronted to an environment that’s in a general style-denial like the little swiss town i find myself in these days.

I dream about a blog that would explore the history and repertory the uses and codes linked to popular clothes, and daring to also explore their occurrences in black-american cultures, french “banlieue” styles and so on. If such a thing exists, please let me know.

But until someone does it for me or I find some time to start it myself, here are two links to blogs already taking it slightly to that direction:

This one I found a link to on Thomas Hooper’s website. It is pretty serious and well done. Let the images speak for themselves, because unless you’re japanese speaking, not even google-language tools can save you!

The other one is:
Much more fashion orientated, but I appreciate the angle it is taking on clothing-blogging.

And just for the hell of it: a very non extreme right-wing use of a bomber.

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