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3 February 2010

Author : adrian-wilson

I was looking for swallows. Elisa arrived:


‘I’ve done this in april 09 (spring time) and it was 9 years since I got tattooed last time. I got a sacred heart above the swallow and two dark red lines behind my left arm.
Well, as I like original subjects, the swallow was perfect for me: it represents a life of travelling (I am not able to stay in one place) but, as we all know, coming back home and seeing that land is near. it symbolizes home and family in some ways. I also acquired the meaning of the spring, I always have a rebirth in the springtime, after the decadent winters. So it is a sign of renewal. Under the swallow I’ve wanted some dices counting 13, and it’s kind of redundance casue 13 the word “lucky” have the same meaning. lets’ say that with them I wanna remind myself how lucky I am, and catch some more! I’m not a gambler, but I always play the last trump in life, as I always try the situations that inspires me’.

Photo by Edoardo Pasero

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