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4 February 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

TkH (Walking Theory or Teorija koja Hoda in Serbian) is an opening collective lecture and discussion about the Walking Theory platform practice in last 10 years. Theory is still considered as something practiced in cabinets, in research institutes, as well as something that castrates the art practice. With the name, TkH – Walking Theory, we emphasize that theory is always also a (social) practice, that it is a relevant, potent and socially intervening agency, which cannot be separated from the art practice, let alone be its adversary. In order to stress its performative function we explore the potentialities of performance as a new scientific/theoretical paradigm but also promote the idea of performing arts as a critical concept that characterizes spectacle-based society in which we live. In this light, the main question is: How to perform theoretical practice on paper (TkH Journal); in a more traditional performance geography (stage, gallery, classroom) but also in electronic and digital media and institutional contexts from university to sport? And how can theory-as-practice – through collective work, self-organisation and self-education as well as in many resistance tactics – critically transform a given context?

An intervention by TkH will take place on Friday 5th, 7.30pm at the Laboratoires D’Aubervilliers: BE THERE!

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More about TkH & interesting links on their website.

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