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Valhalla, I am coming

9 February 2010

Author : maxadmin

Today marks the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week, so to our Scandinavian friends I say Skaal!

Me, I’m anticipating the runway photos from afar, but my heart and apparently also my fashion sense is firmly lodged in a pseudo-Viking thorax for the occasion.

Bibi Ghost is a label new to me, but judging by the looks of the S/S ’10 collection (big drapey layers, lots of black mixed with neutrals/pastel), completely up my alley.

Henrik Vibskov should of course already be well-known to Sang Bleu followers, but every season his technical mastery just increases, as does my deep and abiding passion for his (also drapey, also black-shrouded–obviously my taste in fashion is coming to the fore here) designs, while sadly my finances keep declining: somebody bring me back a bag of Vibskov-Copenhagen swag, toute suite!

And finally, my favorite new line (new to me, anyway): Barbara i Gongini! When I first laid eyes on the layers of black tulle and full, swoopy silhouettes, I knew I had stumbled upon a Scandi treasure trove.

I really want to be wearing that deconstructed Danish Goth tutu right now. Tak, farvel!

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