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10 February 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

…submission of Elisa of 2DM… the good old italian gonzo… The good old days?


This is an adult porn magazine committed to gentlemen. New Gentlemen’s Club was born in the minds of some pervert editors and art directors who teamed up in Milan with a specific intent: fuck up the limit of decency. Pictures are carefully covered by a sleek veil framing amusing dialogues and porn romances. Many ad hoc contents are featured inside the magazine, which is printed in a pocket size like the first 60s comics you could always bring with you. And no worries cause on the bus you’ll have many amusing articles and porn tales to read among cock/pussy pictures. More on

Elisa Lusso

CHAPTER ONE: “…When I was five, home with the flu or asthmatic bronchitis, I would try to pull the cock out of big Jim’s crotch and find a hole, some sign of a pussy, on Barbie (obviously I had both dolls, with my mother’s blessing) so they could screw. At seven I jercked off listening to my parents humping in the next room. I tried to come together with my mom. (…) it was during an art history class, partially spent tossing pubic hairs onto the hair-do of the female eyesore sitting in the row in front of me, that for the first time I stuck a Stabilo Boss Fluo Highlighter up my ass.”

Text by Carlo Antonelli from NGC

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