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If Wolfgang Tillmans was an American,

13 February 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

I’m sure his dad would be for Midwestern values; he would be for families; he would be for a firm handshake; he would be for a little awkwards sweet-talking with the waitress at the dinner; he would work at one of those farm owned by a big international corporation that was created from family farms fone defunct. His mom would have once won a beauty context. They would have gotten married after dating a long while. His mom, probably on accound of her beauty crown, would be eager for his dad (and Wolfgang too, beacuse he would have showed up pretty soon) to get some of that American fortune all around her. She would be hopeful. She would be going to get her some.
At the age of 15, Wolfgang would have heard that the guy next door (a used-camera salesman nobody liked) had dead teenagers in the basement.

Above: As it says, the lights of Wolfgang in the Rufino Tamayo Museum in México (May 2008).

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