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steam punk tools

5 March 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

David AKA Baibar comes from Andalucia. Jaen, a little town surrounded by mountains. He is one of the few local tattoo artists. Actually he most certainly is the best there. But thinking of it, he might be the best of Audalucia. He now also guests at LTW Barcelona. Sharing a booth next to Jondix. Watching David work reminded me of some of the world’s best Artists. He just knows, make you think he just reveals forms that are already there. After all, maybe he is one of the best in Spain. Hidden treasure. Says Jondix. The only reason why we will not know if he is one of the best of the world is that he doesn’t care. It is all about good work, not fame, not being presumptuous and starve for recognition. David also makes some amazing-looking and incredibly good tattoo machnes. He knows about the fabrication of Damascus steel, brutality & subtlety. With their Steam-Punk look, between bio-mechanical exoskeleton & industrial relique. Some treasures must remain hidden but deserve a legend.

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