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Dancing on the Ceiling (Art & Zero Gravity)

6 March 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Dancing on the Ceiling: Art & Zero Gravity, is a major group exhibition in which contemporary artists explore””and on occasion recreate””the condition of weightlessness on earth. The exhibition will present the work of multiple national and international artists, including three newly commissioned pieces for the exhibition. Distributed throughout the public spaces in the building the exhibition is itself un-tethered from the confines of the traditional gallery exhibition paradigm.

Arts Catalyst ”¢ Benjamin Bergmann ”¢ Denis Darzacq ”¢ Edith Dekyndt ”¢ Chris Doyle ”¢ William Forsythe ”¢ Julia Fullerton-Batten ”¢ Thom Kubli ”¢ Tomás Saraceno ”¢ Jane & Louise Wilson ”¢ Xu Zhen

Dancing on the Ceiling will bring together artworks that use the metaphor of floating or weightlessness as an expression of the relationship of the individual to social, political or personal contexts. In addition, several of the pieces relate to lightness as akin to an agility of mind, freed of entrenched perspectives.

Curated by Kathleen Forde, Curator of Time-Based Arts, the exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition catalog including essays by Italo Calvino as well as interviews with commissioned artists Chris Doyle and Thom Kubli.

The exhibition is also contextualized by a series of related performances, talks, films, and events; see the schedule for complete information.

Robert Longo, “Men in the Cities”, 1980s

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