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a tea with Laurie

28 March 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

text by Elisa Simi

Thousands of tiny lines performing and stroking like brushes build up shapes and tones in Laurie Lipton’s work, which sometimes appears surreal and sometimes macabre, while the pervasive inspiration from 16th Century Flemish Masters surely traces her hallmark all along her paintings.

Born in New York but based in London since 1986, Laurie has been drawing since the age of four and now, after 3 decades almost, she decided to collected 70 of her visions in a 96 page book The Extraordinary Drawings of Laurie Lipton, available here

Laurie manages to melt up a piercing edgy humor on social themes concerning the individuals, such as fear, politics, sexuality, mayhem, greed, indifference.

Disturbing only at the first glance, afterwards it becomes more and more fascinating as entering the second level of observation, that witnesses how the drawings lead the spectator deep in the details, just grabbing the sight.
If you fancy to wear miss Lipton’s controversial subjects, she recenlty realized a Tees line for All Saints, if you wish instead to see her paintings, she’s opening an exhibition, Weapons of Mass Delusions, at Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana, CA) from the 1st of May.

1. DANCE HALL OF THE CORPSE COUPLES, charcoal & pencil on paper, 84 x 74.5 cms
2. FAMILY REUNION, charcoal & pencil on paper, 66 x 96.5 cms
3. RESURGAM, charcoal & pencil on paper, 79.5 x 60.5 cms
4. RUSH HOUR, pencil on paper, 74 x 59 cms
5. THE KISS, pencil on paper, 64 x 87 cms
6. WHILE MOMMY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN, pencil on paper, 63 x 93 cms

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