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Air Jesus Christ – K. Silem Mohammad

26 April 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

elves are practical in most aspects
and the way they think is exactly not like Jesus Christ

prestige classes and power fruit everyone must have a fire
depends on what you attend to or wearing lava

this handsome ghostly image chick coming up to me
she still wore her former chest cavity

looks like you’re wearing a ton take some plate off
do you know that evolution tree where you eat swords

evolve your rogue and bend it to a club
crafting natural arrows seems wrong

you get what you pay attention to
a foot-tall giant around Clock Town

immortality is about accepting queens
look at the bigger picture no destroy it

I don’t want to become a destructive portable weapon
being an assassin is built out of my pants

the battles that lie before us last maybe a minute
arriving with a suitcase Satan doesn’t care

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