19 May 2010

Author : jason-farrer

The New York 70’s and 80’s artworld’s celebrated form of artistic expression is enjoying a recent excelerated boom. Some of our favorite artists and art collectives have been segueing into the practice and some of these young artists are, in turn, rediscovering great living legends. The old and the new, some favorites of Sang Bleu.

Desi Santiago aka Desi Monster, as he is known to his club kid OGs, mixes sculpture and live performance. He has recently shown a series of inflatables and aspirational accessories at ENVOY gallery. Desi, already a legend and shaman amongst New York’s edge, now eases a broader art audience into his signature weirdness using precision geometry to successfully combine awkward and black humor leaving the audience feeling dark inside yet simultaneously warm and fuzzy.

An exert from Desi Santiago’s charming PS1 performence…

Desi Santiago from Rija Munfar on Vimeo.

On Dia de las Madres day we blew into Tara De Long’s nest at Morricone Gallery. Never mind the cheesecake, the real desert following the Gavin Brown lunch was served up by the infamous TJ Free. The greatest living female MC hatched in a room full of white and grey roses to treat her audience to “Rupture and Repair” followed by an acoustic rendition of “Living Among”. Breathing freshness into the over incorporated apathy that is today’s hip hop, Ms. DeLong Dzubilo proves once again that there is life in the afterbirth. Visit Tara’s video installation of the classic “Business” at the Queens Museum of Art until July. The video streams across the museum gift shop (which happens to be pawning limited edition Mended Veil gigantic and miniature penny medallions), on the big “MONY” screen, as a part of Larissa Harris’s premier curation as director of the QMA, “The Curse of Bigness”.

Egg On Yo Face…

Tara De Long from Rija Munfar on Vimeo.

The last time I had a face to face with Kembra Pfahler she decided to cut the breasts out of the clothes because there was no Rick Owens for her to wear on our set. Kembra’s severely tanned hand clutched a gigantic scissor as she enthusiastically exclaimed, “Alright Ladies, Let’s See Some Tits!”. A tough love lesson in styling this editor will not soon forget. Monday, Kembra exhibited some serious wild style on opening night of Vaginal Cream Davis’ “Speaking From the Diaphram” where, coincidentally, Rick was also a guest.

Some girls will do anything to get on TV…

Kembra Pfahler from Rija Munfar on Vimeo.

Be sure to come show the family some love when Scarlett Rouge appears on Vag’s “Speaking From the Diaphram” on May 27th at PS122 in NYC’s East Village.

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