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L.A. day 1

20 May 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

Invited by Vans for the launch of their new line “OTW”, I arrived around 2pm, got in a limo driven by a friendly russian man, waited for 2 hours in the restaurant of the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA (cause my room wasn’t ready), ate a very tasty tuna steak hamburger which didn’t taste like tuna, got the room which ended up being a suite (complimentary upgrade””yeah yeah, you mean you overbooked and now you cant find a room for me!), took a shower, tried to check my emails on the hotel’s 96k dial modem network, phoned up Sang Bleu friend & visual artists Scarlett Rouge, got a text message from Gary Warnett, went down to his room to pick him up, both of us went down to the parking to meet up with Scarlett.

The the three of us drove (not literally. Scarlett drove for us. Thanx by the way!) to Hollywood where Cerre Shop was celebrating its first birthday, looked at some beautifully designed & crafted, and uniformly black clothes, got to the back of the store where a little apéritif was taking place, got some drinks, went to grab a bite with G while S was going to a dinner, had endless conversation about the world of entertainment with a zoned out Gary, returned to Cerre where a tipsy Scarlett””back from her dinner””showed us around, introduced us to the neighbours, the Black Eyed Peas’ closet, took a 30$ cab ride to the hotel and fell asleep in 20 seconds.

Please find proofs displayed hereunder.

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