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Daniel’s arm

27 May 2010

Author : admin

Today, I met Daniel Rhatigan at the St Bride Library DIY Design conference. While he was talking to Jackson about the Risograph, I couldn’t miss his silkscreeny tatoo and that brought us to discuss about his really nice typeface Sodachrome, which remind me somehow of Pierre Di Scullio’s Minimum in its bicolor version.

Sodachrome – initial ideas
The sodabudi ethos is the celebration of quirks and imperfections that are part of hand-crafted production. We wanted to develop a typeface that would benefit from these surprises, especially with the inprecise nature of screenprinting.
We liked the idea of creating a new chromatic typeface – consisting of two coloured shapes overprinting to create a complete character. This developed into overlaying two separate quirky shapes to create the illusion of a sans serif in the middle and a chunky serif on the outside.

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