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She Can Get It #2

1 June 2010

Author : adrian-wilson

Dora’s already mentioned AzMarie here. She’s back.

So that’s your star?
Yes, zodiac. Birthday’s December 28.
Why the joker?
Something that a best friend of mine and myself had gotten, years back, 18 years old at that point in my life when I felt like I was trying to figure things out and in the midst of it a joker was the best way to explain everything that was going on. Because it was almost a bit of a joke and yet it was reality.
This is my mother, I got my mom tattooed on me. It’s one of my most recent ones. Just so everywhere I go she’s with me. I feel like I’m at that point where I need to constantly remind myself that I still have a mother.We are just gaining a relationship since I moved out of home, 3 years ago.
The numerals are 4 20. Had to do with someone I was talking to and another purpose is a national holiday.
The stars. I got 5 stars. Mostly you rate movies 5 stars and I’m that individual, you can get absolutely everything, I’m multi faceted. I can do anything I put my mind to so I got the stars for that reason.
I got ‘Slim’ which is my nickname since 7. Hence the slim body.
Overcome all obstacles. Another point in my life when I was going through things and I’d look at it to remind myself that you can always…. that that moment there too shall pass.
And I got Androgynous. Because I define myself as the highest of androgyny. I can be masculine and feminine in appearance and the way I dress is androgynous, wearing men’s clothing with women’s top and vice verse. No one can ever define what my sexuality is most times, most often.
These would be my initials. Ashley Marie Livingstone would be my government name. I got the web more so to fill in space but also at a point when I felt kind of trapped and stuck in certain points.
This is tranquility and ambition, loyalty, truth and destiny in Japanese characters.
Laugh now cry later. And actually when Dave created the piece he did it where half the face was sad and half was angry because I could never really find a point of being happy at that moment in time.
This one I got is actually a cover up. The one underneath was the Rolling Stones mouth and tongue and it had a tongue ring.
That was the first?
The first was my initials. That was the second. I did the tribal maze, I’m always feeling like I get into things and I don’t know how I get there and there’s this wall of being stuck and I have to figure out what it is that’s going on at that point to get me past it

So now I’m at the point where I know I need to learn from every experience. Everyone I come across is a learning experience. They are my teachers, my professors. I’m the student. I gain from them what I need to and then I keep moving forward.

Well, thank you.

AzMarie is at Bookings London.

Tattoo Artists Dave in Milwaukee, WI, Tennessee & Nelly, Miami & Los Angeles

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