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on classification of political parties & movements

21 June 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

Some thoughts. Roughly summarized and laid here without arguments.

The art/entertainment world, more than ever uses and recycles signs and references belonging to historical and/or contemporary political/social/cultural movements, but at the same time, any kind of debate or speech seems to have completely disappeared. There are many reasons I can see for this state of fact, here is something to start with.

It seem completely obsolete if not irrelevant to keep using notions like left- or right- wing. More than irrelevant, these notions contain historical connotations and associations interfering with an objective understanding and positioning towards today’s main social/economical/environmental entities such as political parties, movements, lobbies, companies. In order to re-establish a public debate and allow citizens to efficiently affiliate themselves, it is time to develop new criteria, classifications and nomenclature for the entities that retain a critical power on our societies. First of all, like mentioned previously, should be definitely be included in any kind of classification any kind of NGO, company, media, with an established social power/influence. That influence could be rated on a progressive scale. Then at least 3 dimensions of classification should then be used:
”” position on social organization: power dynamics, domination, submission, micro-economic organization, supra-national structurations, military & diplomatic relations, …
””position on economic organization (especially macro-economic): regulations, limitations, structuration and underlying values/ethos
””position on environment: exploitation of natural resources, energy, and socio-geographic dynamics, territory management, …
The classification should be supervised by an official international evaluation office.

David Thorpe, Pilgrims, 1999, Collection Laura Steinberg and Bernardo Nadal-Ginard (Photo: Courtesy Maureen Paley, London)

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