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Evian Tattoo Convention 2010

29 June 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

After all that fashion (and there still are like 5 shows I need to blog… argh…), we need some tattooing. I have to apology though, I have not written down the names of the bearers and the artists… What I remember is: the man with the lines on his throat is the owner of Steele Workshop Tattoo , he tattooed himself in the mirror. The man with the head tattoo and biomechanical chestpiece is a tattoo artist from LA (I have his card, I will check tomorrow). He is a friend of Hooper and his head tattoo is by Hoop. Chestpiece, I don’t know. Will ask him. And the girl… Sorry I just don’t remember. If anyone knows, please share! The dude with the cap is from Paris, I have a card somewhere too. They were a hole posse there, some very good artists I had never heard of before. Thank you and congratulations to Dats of Tattoopassion for the invitation and congratulations for a (I admit) unexpectedly good show! And last but not least, thank you to the amazing Travelingmic for good company and uplifting exchanges.

words & images ©Maxime Büchi

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